Tips for Composting

Composting is an easy way to get some healthy soil for your garden. It builds your soil, is good for the environment, helps prevent pests and plant disease, and will save you money!

You can easily create a compost bin using a Tarter Galvanized Stock Tank, Tarter Raised Bed Planter, or Tarter Fire Ring. If you choose to use a Tarter Galvanized Stock Tank you will need to drill some holes in the bottom for drainage before adding composting materials to it.

  1. Pick out a convenient location and place your bin. Remember that most of the materials will be coming from your home.
  2. Begin adding compost materials to your bin.
  3. Turn the material once a week for the first month and then weekly every month following.
  4. Enjoy your black gold and the fantastic vegetables and flowers you will soon have!

You can basically add anything but weeds, dairy, and meat to your compost bin. Here are some suggestions:

  • cardboard
  • newspaper
  • coffee grounds
  • vegetable scraps
  • leaves and grass clippings
  • manure (no dog or cat)