Peas and the Arrival of Spring In the Garden.

The taste of farm grown peas – whether they come from your local farmer’s market or one’s own garden plot – speaks the beginning of the growing season.

Peas are a cool season crop, meaning they need to be grown and harvested before the hot temperatures arrive. The timing for each garden/planting zone varies.

Starting peas indoor can be easily done, but with the growing season moving right along here in Kentucky there’s no time for that now. It’s best they be direct sown into loose, composted soil. And, what better way to offer a successful harvest than planting into Tarter’s wonderful raised bed planters!

Each Tarter Raised Bed Planter here at the farm is first layered with compostable material; matured manure and a good quality soil mix. All this aides in the bounty of your harvest.

This particular pea variety is a trailing heirloom veggie that requires support. Whatever the material you use, be sure that it’s tucked into the soil generously for the ensurance of stability when those spring winds/storms arrive. Here I’ve used seasoned pussy willow branches that are firm in strength and have flexibility to create a teepee shape. Of course, the use of bean poles, tobacco sticks, and cattle panels are proven strong sources as well.

Now is an important time to GROW your own food and Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment makes that easy with their long lasting garden products.

Let’s sow, sow, sow with a JOYFUL heart! Happy Gardening!

By: Pamela