Tarter Employee Interview: David Waters

  • Husband
  • Father
  • Employee at Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment
  • Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment Product Tester

How long have you been employed with Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment?

3 Years

What is your current position?

Central Dispatcher

Which Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment product is your favorite? Why?

Although I use many Tarter products for food plots getting ready for the deer and turkey seasons, my favorite Tarter product is actually the fire ring and round water tanks. The fire ring is great for camping and bringing the family closer. It’s mobile, durable, and does a great job containing fire.

Do you have any tips/tricks you’d like to offer?

If you have a medium to large dog that spends a great deal of time outside, one of the round water tanks is a must have. It’s virtually impossible to turn over and holds enough water to keep your dog hydrated during the summer.

For more information on Tarter’s Fire Ring and other American Made product, please visit our website: http://www.tarterusa.com