Tarter Proud Spotlight: John Sanabria

Tarter Proud Employees are dedicated, self-motivated, and are an inspiration to their Tarter Team. They plan an important role in the manufacturing process at Tarter and take great pride in doing their job well.

John Sanabria, nicknamed Rambo, has been a Tarter Proud Employee since 2015. He was born in Honduras and at 2 months old was sent to the United States, where he was raised at the Galilean Children’s Home. He heard that Tarter was a good place to work, which is why he applied.

John’s Tarter story is full of up’s and down’s, and his journey to team lead has been anything but easy. He overcame a year of disciplinary struggles and recovered from a car wreck that kept him out of work for 6 months. He has since married and bought a house and serves as a team lead where he is a welding trainer for all new hires.

We are all proud of the personal and career goals that John has achieved since joining Tarter. Goals that he once thought were impossible. The future looks promising for Rambo! He is excited to continue improving his position and hopes to one day be promoted to supervisor.

We all look forward to continue watching his Tarter success unfold.