Tarter Talent: Tammy Lee

Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment was founded in 1945 by C.V. Tarter. C.V. was a very talented man. He moved his family to Dunnville, KY and began manufacturing wooden gates. Using only hand tools, the Tarter’s made 32 wooden gates a week.

Talent is still present in the company. Tarter employs musicians, artists, athletes and more. Each are dedicated to their job and passionate about their talent.

Tammy and her Mom

Tammy has been a member of the Tarter Proud team since 2016. She is an administrative assistant for Tarter and a fantastic cook and hostess. Her co-workers can always count on her to help organize any office luncheon, and for it to be fantastic. We had the opportunity to talk to Tammy about her passion for cooking.

When did you start cooking?

I helped my mom some growing up, but really started cooking when I was 16.

What meal do you love to prepare?

I like to cook a lot of things, but my favorite thing is to grill out and cook with fresh vegetables from the garden. I also love to fix Christmas Candy and Cookies!

Is there anything you don’t enjoy making?

I am not very good at making fancy cakes and desserts, but I love to eat them!

Who is your biggest inspiration in the kitchen?

My mom and grandma.