Tarter Employee Interview: Ryan White

  • Black Angus Cattle Farmer
  • Avid Hunter and Dog Dad
  • Employee at Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment
  • Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment Product Designer and Tester

How long have you been employed with Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment?

5 years

What is your current position at Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment?

Product Design Engineer

Which Tarter Farm and Ranch product is your favorite? Why?

My favorite product is the Quick Attach Pallet Fork. I am always using this product to move things around the farm. I am currently testing a product for 2020 that is quickly becoming my new favorite and I cannot wait to release it to our customers.

Do you have any tips/tricks you’d like to offer?

Spend a few minutes doing preventative maintenance on your equipment each year. By regularly servicing all grease fittings and checking the oil in gearboxes you can enjoy your equipment for years.