Tarter Proud Spotlight: Xavier Rose

Tarter Proud Employees are dedicated, self-motivated, and are an inspiration to their Tarter Team. They play a very important role in the manufacturing process at Tarter and take great pride in doing their job well.

Meet Xavier Rose, a Tarter Proud Employee. Xavier has been a welder at Tarter for a little over a year. He enjoys hunting and fishing and recently traveled across the country. His favorite part of that trip was getting to see Mt. Rushmore.

Xavier loves to weld. He was looking for a welding position and learned that Tarter had open positions and offered on the job training. He applied and was hired. He now welds manger feeders (http://tarterusa.com/tarter-products/galvanized-manger-feeders?rq=wmhf), tiller stands, and shipping stands for Tarter. His supervisor says the quality on the feeder he welds has improved tremendously since Xavier joined the Tarter team.

The welding position Xavier fills at Tarter includes a lot of hands-on work and a daily routine, two things that he appreciates. Xavier is always willing to help his co-workers and is very dependable. He has had a very positive influence on all his co-workers.

The future for Xavier looks promising. He is hoping to continue improving his welding speed and quality. We are looking forward to watching his Tarter success unfold.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. john woody says:

    I just received my tiller and got it together last night got too dark for me to install on tractor. I am old and a welding inspector on aircraft I inspected the shipping frame and the tiller and the welds were excellent.


    1. TARTER says:

      John, thank you! Please let us know if there is ever anything that we can help you with.


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