Tarter Proud Team: Weld Supervisors

Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment is a family owned company with strong leadership and passionate employees. We met up with some of the Tarter Proud Team – our Welding Supervisors. This group is responsible for overseeing part production and standards for the 1700-1900 3-Point and Cattle Handling parts that are produced each week. They arrive before the start of shift to review orders and parts for production and also attend a meeting each day to discuss safety, maintenance, manpower, production, etc.

Check out what they had to say and see what makes them Tarter Proud!

What were the thoughts you had on your first day at Tarter?

I was amazed at all the equipment being manufactured. I didn’t realize Tarter made so many different products!

I liked the fast pace environment and thought it was really cool how all the fixtures are used together to make a product.

I started working on 2nd shift. I could not believe how much was going on at that time of the night when most are sleeping!

My first day at Tarter was in May of 2003. They were in the process of upgrading the paint line to the new e-coat system. I thought this company is moving forward and with some hard work and leadership I could grow with it.

Why do you enjoy working for Tarter?

Great work environment, very friendly and helpful coworkers.

I’ve been with Tarter for a long time and I have seen it grow so much, I feel like I’ve played a part in that and that makes me proud. I enjoy how we are a huge company but still have a lot of small family owned values.

The people and the challenge.

The people. All the people I work with are great and I enjoy working with them daily.

What is your most memorable moment at Tarter?

That is a tough one, maybe when we moved to a bigger facility in order to keep up with customer demand. That was like starting over and was a great challenge! Or maybe the first time I flew in an airplane for a business trip, that is something I will never forget.

My transition into a supervisor position at a very young age.

The start and completion of the weld and assembly line, watching a group of welders, assemblers and warehouse members work together as one team

Interested in joining our team? We have competitive pay rates, and offer a complete benefit package for our employees! Visit our website for available positions: https://www.tarterusa.com/employment

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