Tarter’s Proud Dog Owners

It has been said that some people work hard so their dog can have a better life. This is certainly the case for several Tarter employees, they have embraced the unconditional love their canine companion offers and always take advantage of the opportunity to brag on their best four-legged friends.

Ali Pittman

What is your dog’s name?


How long have you had Denver?

3 years

What is something Denver hates?

The vacuum

What does Denver love the most?

Cucumbers and the air conditioning vent

Best memory of Denver?

Impossible to recall. Every day is my favorite. He is SO excited to see me when I get home and that is always my favorite.

Jennifer Brockman

What are your dog’s names?

Lexi and Grace

How long have you had Lexi and Grace?

Lexi for 1 year and Grace for 8 years

What do they love the most?

Lexi loves to annoy the cat (Leroy) and Grace. She still has quite a bit of puppy in her. Grace loves playing in the water bowl and taking long walks with Ma.

Ryan White

What is your dog’s name?


How long have you had Lilly?

2 years

What is something Lilly hates?

She hates being hot and loves the A/C

What does Lilly love the most?

She loves baths, tennis balls, watching the outdoor channel, and cuddling with her stuffed animal (Mr. Elephant).

What is your best memory of Lilly?

My favorite memory was teaching her how to swim and retrieve in the lake.

Lori Carmicle

What is your dog’s name?

Desmerelda Belle, a.k.a Desi

How long have Desi?

5 years

What is something Desi hates?

She hates baths, the answering machine, and the electric fence

What is something Desi loves?

She loves laying on the couch, chasing the cats, and getting in the pond.

Shanda Sanders

What is your dog’s name?

Ellie Mae

How long have you had Ellie Mae?

8 1/2 months, we got her in October.

What is something Ellie Mae hates?

Our braying donkeys

What does Ellie Mae love the most?

People! Especially kids. She loves the attention!

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