Tarter Talent: Greg Riddle

Talent: a special natural ability or aptitude.

Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment was founded in 1945 by C.V Tarter. C.V was a very talented man. He moved his family to Dunnville, KY and began manufacturing wooden gates. Using only hand tools, the Tarter’s made 32 wooden gates a week.

Talent is still present in the company today. Tarter employs musicians, artists, athletes, and more. Each are dedicated to their job and passionate about their talent.

Greg has been a member of the Tarter Proud Team since 2011. When Greg isn’t fulfilling his role at Tarter as a Quality Inspector, you can likely find him in a kitchen preparing a fantastic meal! We met up with Greg and talked to him about his passion for cooking and his new restaurant!

Speck’s Place is located in Liberty, Kentucky and is owned by Greg and his wife, Carla.

How man hours a week do you spend cooking or in your restaurant?

I spend around 40 hours a week cooking.

What is your favorite meal to prepare?

My favorites are breaded catfish, shrimp, and of course a good ole’ fashion burger!

Is there a meal that you do not enjoy preparing?

Not really, any meal is a good meal.

What inspired you to open a restaurant?

I owned a food truck for about a year and enjoyed the atmosphere. The opportunity came up to buy a building that used to be a restaurant so the layout was ready. I just needed to put some equipment in. My wife and I have also been complimented on our cooking a lot, so that bragging helped us make that decision.

For more information on Greg’s restaurant, please visit their Facebook Page: Speck’s Place.

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