Tarter Talent: Sam Martin

Talent: a special natural ability or aptitude.

Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment was founded in 1945 by C.V Tarter. C.V was a very talented man. He moved his family to Dunnville, KY and began manufacturing wooden gates. Using only hand tools, the Tarter’s made 32 wooden gates a week.

Talent is still present in the company today. Tarter employs musicians, artists, athletes, and more. Each are dedicated to their job and passionate about their talent.

Sam has been a member of the Tarter Proud Team since 2012. He started helping a family friend build cabinets 21 years ago and never stopped. We met up with Sam and talked about his pastime.

Sam’s son proudly showing one of the custom flags.

How many hours a week do you spend in your shop?

I spend most of the time in my shop during the summer. It is usually an average of 20-30 hours depending on orders.

What is your favorite thing to make?

Wooden flags. Each flag a customer has me to make has a story behind it. So the flag itself is not what makes them my favorite. The stories these flags tell is where it is at. I have made a lot for the veterans in this county and seeing their reaction to them is the best feeling ever.

Is there anything you hate making?

Cabinets are something I don’t enjoy, even though that is what lead me into woodworking.

What inspired you to begin woodworking?

I have always been a man to stay busy. It keeps me out of trouble and keeps me at home. The skill was passed on to me by my stepdad who is my biggest inspiration. I would like to pass all my tools and skills on to my son, but my main reasoning behind it is to give the customers something they have had a part in designing and that is handmade and not cut on the machine. I also do this at a fraction of the cost because I want my customer to enjoy their purchase. When purchashing from me, you design it. You tell me what you want and I’ll make it exactly like that. I make it happen, my work is your visual.

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