Tarter Proud Team

Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment is a family owned company with strong leadership and passionate employees. We met up with some of the Tarter Proud Team – our Payroll, Human Resource and Environmental, Health & Safety Department! This diverse group’s primary function is to improve employee satisfaction whether it’s through the hiring process, working with all employees to resolve any concern that may arise, providing employee engagement activities, paying our employees, helping them to understand and fully utilize our company offered benefits, helping to ensure we all operate in a safe manner by actively improving conditions in their work areas and remaining compliant with all applicable regulations, and constantly determining ways to improve the overall experience our employees have while working at Tarter.

Check out what they had to say and see what makes them Tarter Proud!

What were the thoughts you had on your first day at Tarter?

My initial impression of the company was how far it has come since I left Casey County for college. Moving back ten years later, things have changed significantly and the continued growth of the company is something I’m glad to be a part of.

This is not just a small gate shop!

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming!

I remember I was a little nervous on my first day, but as I got to know more about the company I was amazed of how much the company has grown and the big family that it is.

Why do you enjoy working for Tarter?

I like the fact that it is family owned. I also like that we have a great company here in our little town with good benefits.

I love the group I work with, we’re like family … that’s what keeps me coming back everyday.

I love the group of people I work with on a daily basis. They make work fun!

I love what I do and thankful I work at a place that allows me to do so.

I like working for a company that supports my hometown.

What is your most memorable moment at Tarter?

It would be too hard to pick just one … I love all the shindigs, the birthday parties and my favorite Halloween!

Hard to pick just one moment, there have been so many enjoyable experiences.

The safety dinner “hog” at Tarter Industries that had sunglasses and ear plugs on – great meal and experiences for a safe year in 2017.

I have had so many so far. But the joy when someone looks at you and thanks you for taking the time to listen and caring about what they say.

Which team member is the glue that holds you all together?

It takes a village!

I think we all do a good job as a team, we all help each other!

It would be hard to pick one team member. Everyone has different backgrounds and skills that are significant in meeting our goals.

Interested in joining our team? We have very competitive starting pay rates, and also offer a complete benefit package for our employees! Visit our website for available positions: http://www.tarterusa.com/employment

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