Father’s Day Interview with Tarter Farm and Ranch Employees

Father’s Day is this Sunday! We caught up with a few of the unsung heroes (a.k.a dads) and asked them a few questions. Their answers were fantastic and we hope you enjoy them! We would like to wish all the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! Make it a good one!

What is the one piece of advice you would offer to a new Dad?

Always be an example of what you want your son/daughter to be. They see and hear everything! – Jordan Pierce

Use all 5 senses and trust your gut feelings (and Mom is usually right). – Stephen Young

I know it sounds cliche, but slow down, enjoy every moment you have with your kids because before you know it, they are grown and doing their own thing – Kyle Wilson

What is the best part of being a Dad?

Hugs, I love that my girls want to hug their dad. A close second is playing 90’s music really loud in the school drop off line to embarrass them! – Kyle Wilson

Other than all the love I have for my child, it’s definitely when my daughter stares at me and slowly grins from ear to ear and giggles. I just enjoy that smile and laughter. – Dustin Dockery

When did you have your first “Dad” Moment?

I guess it would be when he was born. There were complications and we were airlifted to a hospital in Louisville. I remember being so terrified and helpless that something would happen to him and my wife. When they delivered him and we got to see our little man I had this overwhelming feeling of responsibility and love. It’s unexplainable …. joyous, yet terrifying at the same time. – Jordan Pierce

Leaving the hospital parking lot with my firstborn in the back seat. I was the most defensive driver ever. Was scared to death to drive knowing what precious cargo I was hauling. I remember looking at people and thinking, ‘slow down,’ when before I was the one with the bad driving habits. – Matthew Richardson

My son/daughter is most like me when they ….

Smash their finger – Kelley Tarter

When they get in trouble and make things worse because they won’t shut their mouths. I would get grounded for 1 week, but by the time I argued my case to my mother over and over, I would end up grounded for a month! They are the same way, except maybe a little worse. – Matthew Richardson

My daughter has my quick wit and smart mouth. My son looks just like me. Hopefully he will grow out of that. – David Waters

The first thing I thought when I found out I was going to be a Dad….

I remember thinking that I am about to turn into a big hearted softy. Boy, was I right. – Dustin Dockery

I can’t wait to watch them play baseball. – Matt Richardson

What is one of the funniest things your kid has ever said?

Dad, do you know what you’re doing or should I go ahead and call Mom? -David Waters

The best thing about watermelon gum is that it doesn’t have seeds – Stephen Young

Is there something you have done as a Dad that you swore you would never do?

Spank them! – Kelley Tarter

Spoil them. – David Waters

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