How/Where can I purchase Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment?

“How/Where can I purchase Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment?” This is the one question that Tarter’s Customer Service team is asked on a daily basis.

Our American Made product is sold through authorized Tarter Retailers. With more than 3,000 authorized retailers located throughout the continental United States and Canada. Find retailers near you:

Tarter offers a wide range of product, making it nearly impossible for our retailers to keep everything in stock. Because of this, they may not have your desired product in stock. This does not mean they can’t order the product for you, because they most certainly can! They have full access to our entire product line.

A good piece of advice we offer is to plan ahead for any projects you may have. We encourage you to give us a call! We will gladly help you determine what product you need and help you locate a retailer to order the product from.

For more information on our product offering and to find retailers near you, please visit our website:

Please note, our retailers have a required minimum order amount.

P.S.: If your local farm supply store is not a Tarter Retailer, please send them our way! We would love to welcome them to our Tarter family!

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