3-Point Maintenance

There is an old saying that says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This couldn’t be more true for your 3-Point Equipment. Before using your equipment for the first time this spring, be sure to perform a quick inspection and service on your 3-Point. Here are some suggestions:

  • Apply grease to all fittings and service parts
  • Inspect cutting blades/tines for excessive wear or damage
  • Check fasteners to ensure they are tight
  • Ensure safety guards are all present and in good condition (PTO shaft especially)
  • If equipped; check oil in gearbox, and inspect seals for any leakage.

Be sure to clean debris and dirt from any moving parts when storing equipment after each use. Always store units dry and on a floor surface or some type of material to prevent contact with ground. (i.e wooden or concrete blocks)

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