Cluck Cluck Galore!

Chicken popularity is on the rise.  It would be safe to say that if you don’t own chickens, you probably know someone that does.

There are several things to consider when starting your flock.  The most important being their safety. Because chickens are more vulnerable when free-ranging, it is important that you provide a safe, predator proof coop for your chickens.

Tarter’s Elite Kennel and Blue Champion Kennel are two options that offer the comfort and security that you may be looking for in your coop.  Both are constructed from heavy duty steel tubing and mesh wire.  In addition to safety, they are also easily assembled and customized as needed.  You can find more information on these kennels on our website,

Here are some helpful hints that you can use to add extra security to your coop after the kennels have been assembled:

  • Add wire to the ground around perimeter of kennel to prevent predators from digging in
  • Place poultry netting on the top.  This will help prevent predators from climbing or flying in and keep your chickens from flying out.
  • Hang old CD’s, the reflection of the sun off these will help deter predators
  • Make sure the coop is securely fastened every night
  • Add motion detectors to your coop
  • Frequently check your coop for any access holes

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