Gardening with Tarter

Winter has broke and gardening season is here! Gardening is very popular at Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment and seeing fresh produce throughout the office during the gardening season is a common thing.

Several Tarter Farm and Ranch employees are well known for their green thumbs. We asked a few of them one common question: What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who is fixing to prepare their first garden?

Tarter Employee Jonathan Harris with wife Rita hard at work in their garden.

Walter Robertson: Get a soil sample to find out what kind of nutrients your garden will need. It is very important that you properly prepare your soil before planting.

Jonathan Harris: Keep plenty of space between your plants so they can grow better without competing and you have space to get to your plants.

Jody Jarrett: Stay ahead of the weeds, they will outgrow your vegetables if you are not careful. Enjoy!

Haley Reed: Don’t have room for a large garden? Take some time to research using raised bed planters.

Ann Tarter: If you’re using a planter, remember to add gravel or other material for drainage and consider the amount of daily sun your planter will receive before choosing plants.

Each of these employees have depended on equipment provided by Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment to prepare, tend, and plant their gardens. For more information on Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, please visit:

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